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Auto Dealer Services

While our list of satisfied repeat retail customers has steadily grown over the years, Davant Automotive was originally opened to serve the unique needs of local used car dealers. 


We have years of experience working directly with dealers of all sizes to diagnose and repair large and small problems with vehicles acquired through trade-in or auction, prepping them for placement on the dealer's lot for sale. We offer everything from oil changes to full-blown engine swaps.

Best rates

Because we work as a partner with the auto dealers and have far less overhead, both labor and parts costs are significantly lower than those found at the typical franchise auto service location...while maintaining higher quality repairs than you're going to get from "corner garages."


We foster a mutually beneficial relationship with your business so there is never any up-sell on repairs. We value and respect the volume business that dealers provide. The more cars you sell, the more work we have.

As a small auto repair service, you will work directly with the owners to schedule and complete services, with head technician Nick Davant developing the best strategy for each vehicle within that vehicle's budget. 

Team Work

We provide the fastest service possible on the shortest notice possible. Your cars won't be in line behind a dozen others like at a franchise, and we'll be transparent about turn around time for each vehicle's repairs.


We offer a 6-month warranty on our repairs in addition to whatever warranty that's offered on purchased parts. After consultation on each job, you can decide to go with OE parts or save the money, depending on what you choose.

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